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Congratulations! You have received MVP award

Hey folks,
I have something very exciting to share with you all. Today morning, I received a mail stating "Congratulations!  You have received MVP award”. At first I didn’t believed my eyes, but after reading a mail, finally I got a feel that I really won. Actually it was surprised for me too !!!

I’m really proud that someone noticed my technical skills and what I do for community. Whenever I meet or look at other MVPs, I always think, “Wow, these guys are brilliant! Simply awesome…I wish I could…”

But finally it happened. I’m honored to be a part of the C# community. It’s a privilege.

MVP: MVP is an annual award given by C# corner to its community leaders who actively share their technical skills and excellent knowledge. This award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders who have deep understanding on some technology and how they can contribute to communities so that people around them can make the most out of them.Every day, around the world, MVP Award recipients contribute to online technical communities in a range of ways, including providing helpful answers, online discussions, translating online resources into local languages and serving as moderators.

Today, millions of people gain valuable information through C# corner online forums, a number which is steadily growing. C# corner community helps in closely knitting the worldwide spread IT community, support each other and churn out revolutionary ideas. It helps the IT community realize the strategy to explore and widen their wing span. This time C# corner is having its largest annual conference in North India (Noida) on 11th April ( See you there ;)