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Creating Windows Store app - Beginners tutorial

I ntroduction In this tutorial we will be creating a very basic Windows Store App using XAML and C#. As this is the very first tutorial of this series, I'll be focusing mainly on project setup and basic workflows and later on, in other upcoming series, I'll be picking up more advance concepts. So, before moving forward, let's talk about the environment setup to execute our app. Pre-requisite In order to complete Windows 8 metro style app, our machine need following things: You need Windows 8 with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 You need developer license  Creating a project Launch Visual Studio 2012. Select File >> New Project. The New Project dialog window appears and from the left pane you can select template of your choice In the left panel, you can select 'Windows Store' template. Once selected, center pane will show you the list of available items for the selected template. Here we are using  Blank App