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What and How of Requirement Gathering - Part 3

In continuation to my previous post , I’ll add some more techniques which can be used for information gathering.  Prototyping:   Prototyping allows to gather information by faking the production environment. In this technique, quite a lot of tools can be used to collect information, such as software programs to monitor/record mouse clicks or keystrokes, camera to monitor visual activity, etc.  Basically, what type of tool should be used is solely depend upon what type of information you want to collect. The cost of prototyping might be high because information gathered from this approach can be easily validated with a reason that prototyping is experimental rather than the responses received from users.  Note : Prototyping is preferred in the scenarios where it is impossible to shadow a person. Prototype can help you to get below sort of information:  Use of technologies, tools and applications.  Verification of workflow.  Customer specific quality requiremen