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Introducing Windows 10

Hope most of you are aware that in the mid of last week, Microsoft announced Windows 10 (Technical Preview).  This preview is a small set of new code and is not the final one. It means lot more is on the way :) This release contains desktop-focused features, primarily for business customers. Actual consumer preview is plan to launch somewhere around January. Windows 10 will run across unbelievably broad set of devices from 4 inch screens to 80 inch screens. Some of the devices we can hold in hand and others are 10 feet away. So, are you ready to dive into the new features? Well, let's start. Start Menu: Start menu with Live tiles and favourite apps Everything runs in a window: Windows store apps now opens in the same fashion as desktop apps format – can be re-sized and move around – have title bars Snap Enhancements: New quadrant layout to view four snapped apps in single shot M