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Top Visual Studio Code Extensions

How fast anyone can code, depends on many factors. But I feel the most important among all of those is the IDE, Integrated Development Environment. More friendly the development IDE is, more help a developer will get in terms of intellisense, syntax, re-factoring, etc.  IDEs are of various types as few are fully loaded with all the required features, tools and plugins whereas few requires user’s attention. No, when it comes to user’s choice, it again varies by which development language he or she is going to use. In this article, I’m going to write about VS Code, which is Visual Studio Code and is one of my favorite IDEs.  VS Code is not pre-loaded with all the features as it supports lot many languages. So, it’s on user to install the required extensions based on project and development language’s need. How to install an extension Here is the screenshot mentioning how to install an extension: Let’s talk about few of the very useful extensions: vscode-icons While working on hug

Plot and Compare the Stock Price Trend

Introduction Nowadays, whoever is dealing with finance data, specifically with stock market needs very good understanding of data. Obviously, understanding of data completely depends on how the data is displayed or shown to someone. When we are putting money in the stock market, it is always advisable to first understand the pattern or behavior of the stock which you are going to buy or sell.  In this article, I'm neither going to cover the internals of finance nor am I going to discuss about what all parameters one needs to analyze or understand. The idea behind this article is, how one can use certain financial parameters to get the gist of market trend. Getting Started Let's consider a scenario, in which you would like to know, what is the opening price of Microsoft stock in the last few weeks. So that, by looking at the price, you can derive some conclusions. To perform this entire exercise, we need a few things: Stock symbol : In our case, it is MSFT. Prog

Extract Bitcoin Price In Realtime

This article talks about how we can read web pages and extract current Bitcoin prices. Now, to perform this web scrapping, we need a few things: Website Web scrapping libraries/tools  Programming language Website This is the website from which we are going to read the price of Bitcoin. There are many websites, from which you can read this data but for this article, I'm using  CoinmarketcapDOTcom. Web Scraping Libraries/Tools There are many web scraping libraries and tools available in the market. Below is the list of my recommendations: Beautiful Soup Scrapy Requests (HTTP for humans) LXML Selenium If you want to know the brief of any of these, you can watch out my YouTube channel named Shweta Lodha.  For this article, I'm using  Requests  along with  Beautiful Soup . Programing Language This article uses Python as a programming language import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs URL = "