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Create Candlestick Charts For Stocks Using Yahoo Finance

In this article, we will see how to create candlestick chart with historical data for any given symbol using open financial API named Yahoo Finance and Python. We will start by pushing data in a CSV file and then we will use Plotly to create the candlestick chart in Python. Introduction to candlestick chart This is one of the heavily used charts you may have seen multiple times while dealing with stock market dashboards. This is very much used by traders as it provides price movement based on the past patterns. One candle represents 4 points: Open, Close, High, Low as shown below:  In above figure, first candle is filled which depicts that open price was higher than close price. Similarly, second candle depicts that close price was higher than open price. Here do not focus on the color of candle as it can be configured based on your favorite color, based on the dashboard you are using.  In general,  bullish candlestick (close price > open price) is represented by green color and bea

Plot and Compare the Stock Price Trend

Introduction Nowadays, whoever is dealing with finance data, specifically with stock market needs very good understanding of data. Obviously, understanding of data completely depends on how the data is displayed or shown to someone. When we are putting money in the stock market, it is always advisable to first understand the pattern or behavior of the stock which you are going to buy or sell.  In this article, I'm neither going to cover the internals of finance nor am I going to discuss about what all parameters one needs to analyze or understand. The idea behind this article is, how one can use certain financial parameters to get the gist of market trend. Getting Started Let's consider a scenario, in which you would like to know, what is the opening price of Microsoft stock in the last few weeks. So that, by looking at the price, you can derive some conclusions. To perform this entire exercise, we need a few things: Stock symbol : In our case, it is MSFT. Prog