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Jupyter error - No module named ‘selenium’

Recently I installed Anaconda to learn more about it and the first thing I was about to try was opening a web page automatically using Selenium. So, to perform this, I used Jupyter and tried to import Selenium webdriver. Till here, everything went well, but when I ran my code using Jupyter Notebook, I got an error: ‘ No module named ‘selenium ’. The strange thing is, I got an error, although I have got Selenium installed on my machine using pip with below command:  pip install selenium. Now what could be the reason? So, to analyze it further, I wrote the same Python code in Visual Studio and ran it. It worked perfectly alright. So, I just thought to give a try to check the version of Selenium and first I tried with pip as shown below: As the above message says, it is already installed and didn’t complain anything. So, next I thought to try with Anaconda command prompt as shown below:  Did you notice that rectangl