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Getting Started With SQLite Database in Python

In this article I'll walk you through the process of using SQLite database, which is an in-built database for Python. We will start by creating an empty database, we will create an empty table, we will insert some data into it and then finally we will try to retrieve our data back. Let's start by importing some required packages Import Required Packages import sqlite3 as sql Create Database We will start by creating an empty database named Sample.db using below line of code: connection = sql.connect("SampleDB.db") Above statement will create the database if not already present and then connect it. Create Table Once the database is created, next thing we need to do is to create an empty table named Student , which will have 3 columns named Id, StudentName and City. Below is the query to create a table named Student: connection.execute( " CREATE TABLE Student(Id INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KE