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Extracting News From Google Using Python

The situation, wherein you are running out of time but still do not want to miss your doze of daily news. Then this article is for you. When it comes to reading news, not everyone is interested in every topic. Few may be interested in sports, others may be interested in either politics or spiritual news or something else. So, based on individual interest, one would like to go and spend time for reading. In this article, I’ll guide on how you can create your own Python utility to extract top headlines from google news based on the user’s interest. User can provide topic of his choice and links of top headlines would be displayed. Import Required Packages In order to start with Python, the very first demand is to grab all the required packages. Here we need two packages, one for extracting news and another one is for handling data. Let’s go ahead and install both the packages: pip install GoogleNews pip install pandas Once these are installed, one

Extract Bitcoin Price In Realtime

This article talks about how we can read web pages and extract current Bitcoin prices. Now, to perform this web scrapping, we need a few things: Website Web scrapping libraries/tools  Programming language Website This is the website from which we are going to read the price of Bitcoin. There are many websites, from which you can read this data but for this article, I'm using  CoinmarketcapDOTcom. Web Scraping Libraries/Tools There are many web scraping libraries and tools available in the market. Below is the list of my recommendations: Beautiful Soup Scrapy Requests (HTTP for humans) LXML Selenium If you want to know the brief of any of these, you can watch out my YouTube channel named Shweta Lodha.  For this article, I'm using  Requests  along with  Beautiful Soup . Programing Language This article uses Python as a programming language import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs URL = "