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Controlling Degree of Concurrent Execution in Parallel Loops

Having multi-core machine, one can get the benefit of Parallelism for long-running and blocking tasks. I hope most of you might have used Parallel. For, Parallel. Foreach and TPL several times. Generally parallelism is used to get the benefits of all the available cores on the machine that commonly leads to the shortest execution time for any task. Did you ever thought about what can be the possible demerits of using all the available cores for just a single application? Is it really required to use all the available cores of your machine for a single application? Can't we use only a few of the cores? Is there any way to restrict these parallel loops in terms of cores? The answer of all the preceding questions is YES . But why should we bother about how many cores are participating in execution? Well, there can be several reasons behind this.  The foremost reason  that I feel is, when a single time consuming application/task is running on all the available cores utilizing