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Starting with Prism - Part 3 of n

Introduction  Continuing to my   Prism 2 of n series , in this article I am going to talk about how a communication happens between various application components, following Prism framework. Background  In earlier articles of this series, I already mentioned that Prism is all about loose coupling and modularity. So, in order to achieve both these aspects we divide our application into multiple modules. Now, when we are talking about modularity, first thing which strikes to our mind is communication. How will these module going to talk with each other, how they are going to communicate with each other, etc, etc. So, when we have a need of communication between modules, there are couple of approaches which we can take like Commanding, Event Aggregation, Shared Services, Region Context and probably there are many more. In this article, mainly I'll be taking these four concepts:    Commanding   Event Aggregation   Region Context  Shared Services      Now let's take