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C# 6.0 with Visual Studio 2014

Today while surfing internet, I came across a very interesting interview snippet from Anders Hejlsberg and Charles Torre, in which they talked about the future version of C#, which will be 6.0. I hope most of you are aware that .Net version shipped with Visual Studio 2013 was the minor release with numbers as 4.5.1, which was just an upgrade of version 4.5. It is expected that all the major changes will be part of .Net 5.0 which will be shipped with Visual Studio 2014. Another nice thing which came out is, C# 6.0 will be based on the new compiler Roslyn, which is written in C# itself rather than C++. We can also expect some of the very cool features of C# 6.0 as: Primary Constructors Readonly auto properties Static type using statements Property expressions Method expressions Params for enumerables Monadic null checking Constructor type parameter inference Inline declarations for out params All the probable features of C# 6.0 will make life of developers bit more eas