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Showing posts from February, 2021

Speaker at C# Corner MVP Ft Show

Yesterday I got a privilege to be a speaker on C# Corner MVP Show. It was a great show and a wonderful interaction with host Stephan Simon on my topic ‘Handling Notifications using Microsoft Graph’. Recording is available on my YuTube channel named Shweta Lodha .

Troubleshooting Bad Gateway errors for Ngrok

Ngrok is one of the well-known tool for local tunneling  solution. I have used it many times being the easiest tool for any developer. This time once again, I thought to use Ngrok for my current application, which uses Graph API to get notifications from Microsoft Teams channel. As always, I launched the Ngrok with required port as shown below: ngrok http 44332    and it got connected as shown below: Till now everything is alright. But now when I ran my application with Ngrok’s forwarding address, I end up getting an error -  400 Bad Request . And here is what I read more about this: Seems like some applications can’t deal with the default behavior of Ngrok and need an explicit mention of header information, which means there is another way to handle such scenario: ngrok http http://localhost:44332 -host-header="localhost:44332" After connecting Ngrok with above command, everything went very smooth and as expected. Hope this tip would be useful for you too