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Tips for Effective Code Reviews

In the field of software development, code review plays a very vital role. It not only enhances the code quality, but also identifies issues before the code goes into the tester’s hand. T hroughout my development experience, I came across many amazing guidelines that can contribute to an effective code review. So, as part of this article I’m going to list down all those points. Naming Conventions, Data types, Sizes and Comments V ariable names should be small but self-explanatory. Based on the language and platform, standards and casing should be followed. Always prefer field names using adjective or noun. Prefer to use PascalCasing for resource keys. Always prefer to name events with a verb. It’s good to think about tense while naming events, i.e. rendered, rendering, etc. Keep method size as small as possible. I personally prefer, size of method body of <=12 lines. So, that complete method can be seen without scrolling the screen. All the parameters should pass validation check be