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Microsoft Introduces Bing Code Search Add-On For Visual Studio

Microsoft has launched the 'Bing Code Search add-on'  for Visual Studio, representing companionship between the Bing, Visual Studio and Microsoft Research divisions. The Bing Code Search extension directly assimilates the code snippet search for C# with other languages, coming later into the Visual Studio.  As this add-on is a part of the Visual Studio, programmers will be able to use it to search for the code samples from a number of web-based repositories including MSDN, StackOverflow, Donnetperls and CSharp411. So, if you are using Microsoft Visual Studio for building apps, you can download the add-on, activate it, type the search string, press enter and you will get a couple of options that are suitable for your project.  You can grab the add-on from the Visual Studio directory page However, the add-on can be used to search for the code samples anywhere on the Web as well; Microsoft says that the sites it has shortlisted should be “more than sufficient” for most of