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Overview of CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) A computer network which has multiple copies of data stored at different points of the network.   The end user connected to a CDN will access the data from the nearest server (middle) instead of connecting to a Central server.   Few of the applications include media distribution, multiplayer gaming, and distance learning.   The end user can be a wired or wireless unit, which tries to access the content. The middle servers (or several servers forming a cluster) store the images of the content from the central (main) server. They are located at the edge of the ISP network and may be geographically separated from each other. Elements of CDN Request: A request for a specific content (for e.g. a webpage) is made from the End user, which is redirected to the nearest image server. This is done by the use of a protocol known as Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP).   Distribution: Once the request is received, a distribution element

Improving application start up time having signed assemblies

I guess all are aware that signed assemblies need verification from CA. This verification can create panic, when certification authority is not present on the same machine. In that case, assemblies require internet access. Situation can be more problematic, if there is no internet or network access on that machine. In absence of network access .Net thread might timeout waiting to connect. This issue can be avoided by adding following setting in machine.config: <configuration>     <runtime>         < generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false" />     </runtime>  </configuration>