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Received MVP Award for the 3rd time

Another amazing news received this week. MVP award is in my hand for the 3rd time.

ASP.NET Technical Guru - May 2019

Once again grabbed the award from Microsoft Technet. This time it's Silver medal :)

Build errors dialog in Visual Studio

Background When you are in between of writing your logic and by mistake you pressed F5, what will happen? Boom… you will lend up with below dialog due to compilation errors: Now think about it. If we are writing a code it means we need that to be executed whenever we are running the application. Isn’t it? It’s very-very rare case when someone still would like to execute previous logic. At least for me, I never ever want this to happen. Solution So, how to get rid of this rarely used prompt. There are two ways: First, Simply check the checkbox ‘ Do not show this dialog again’ . But for me, on one of my machines this checkbox has not even appeared. Hence, I opted for second option. Second, go to Tools >> Options… >> Projects and Solutions >> Build and Run. On right side panel, just change the value in dropdown displayed under ‘ On Run, when build or deployment errors occur: ’ to  ‘ Do not Launch ’  and we are done.

Creating ASP.NET Core 2.2 Application Step-by-Step

This article will walk you through the creation of ASP.NET Core application using ASP.NET Core 2.2 from scratch, by utilizing the capabilities of package manager, EF Core, Identity API, Razor Class Library, etc. So, rather than being more theoretical, this article will focus mainly on the implementation part. Wherever required, I’ll throw some light on the conceptual part too. To know more, you can either go here or here .

Why OpenID Connect came?

After publishing my previous article on ' Understanding concepts - OpenId, OAuth and SAML'  , I received a general question from a few of my colleagues and that is ‘Why OpenID arrived? What is the need of it’? By now, most of us are already aware that OAuth 2.0 is an authorization protocol and it really did a great job by providing information, which facilitated its user to take some prodigious authorization decisions. But what about exchanging this information? How to do that? Is that exchange done in a secure manner? Bla bla bla… All such sorts of questions are dealt in different- different manner as every authentication provider have their own mean of exchanging this OAuth information. As not all the providers have provided an equivalent level of security, led to some buzzes. Here OpenID Connect came for rescue. It fixes all the common problems by providing an authentication protocol with a standardized way of exchanging messages between a provider and subs

What's new in Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019, two days back. This release has many awesome features targeting productivity and collaboration improvement. I’ve collected certain features as part of the launch event by Kendra Havens and Scott. Here are those: Side-by-side installation of Visual Studio versions New look of Start Page New look of Create Project window Redesigned user experience and theme Search is more intuitive Live share option for collaboration with fellow developers Debugger improvements – Search is available for Watch, Locals and Autos window Extracting only few projects from a solution – Solution filter Monitor awareness – VS resized as per the monitor size Fonts are colors based on classification of words Opening csproj file directly on double click of SDK projects New column Kind has added to Find All References option with Read/Write Code cleanup with just one click with rules configuration capability Facility to export code style as. editorconfig

Understanding concepts - OpenId, OAuth and SAML

I was going through some of the forums related to security concepts and found one topic which is very much communal, and many people posted questions about their confusion on the terms related to Authorization, Authentication and Security protocols.  So, I thought to write something about these terms in layman, which is more towards the concept and less towards technical aspects.  Before we start, let's have a look at the question, which really lighten the spark in me - - What's the difference between OpenID and OAuth ? Hope you are with me to get started. Well, one of the major aims of any application is to make it secure and easy to use without imposing much work on the end user. Now, in order to fulfill  this aim, we have to look into a few of the major security aspects in terms of protocols, usage and scenarios. And that's why this article is. What is Authentication and Authorization? In simple terms, authentication is the process to