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Build errors dialog in Visual Studio

When you are in between of writing your logic and by mistake you pressed F5, what will happen? Boom… you will lend up with below dialog due to compilation errors:

Now think about it. If we are writing a code it means we need that to be executed whenever we are running the application. Isn’t it? It’s very-very rare case when someone still would like to execute previous logic. At least for me, I never ever want this to happen.


So, how to get rid of this rarely used prompt. There are two ways:

First, Simply check the checkbox ‘Do not show this dialog again’. But for me, on one of my machines this checkbox has not even appeared. Hence, I opted for second option.

Second, go to Tools >> Options… >> Projects and Solutions >> Build and Run. On right side panel, just change the value in dropdown displayed under ‘On Run, when build or deployment errors occur:’ to Do not Launch and we are done.

Now going forward, you will never see that dialog until and unless build is successful. Hope you like this small trick.