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Top 5 Visual Studio Code Extensions for Azure

In my one of the recent posts, I mentioned about top five Visual Studio Code extensions and after that I received lot many feedbacks asking my top recommendation on Azure specific extensions. Hence, this article is here.

When it comes to Azure, there are lot many extensions you can find. Here is the gist of that:

Above list is not limited to what I've shown above, there is much more than this. Let's quickly jump on to my top five favorite extensions specific to Azure:

Azure Tools

This is my most favorite one as it handles lot many things. It includes long list of extensions which are very much useful to interact with Azure. It allows you to host your web sites, it allows very seamless interaction between MongoDB and Cosmos DB in terms of creating databases and writing scripts, you can manager your virtual machines, view all your Azure resource groups, you can deal with docker images and many more. 

Here is the list extensions included in it:

  • Docker
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Resources
  • Azure CLI Tools
  • Azure App Service
  • ARM Tools
  • Azure Databases
  • Azure storage
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • ARM Template Viewer
  • Bicep

Azure Policy

This extension is very useful, if you are playing with policies and you want to streamline the management and authoring of resource manager mode policy definitions and assignments. You can also discover aliases with respect to any resource and you can quickly run an evaluation. It's rating is not very great as this extension is still under preview. But it could be a useful tool in your toolbox. This is how it looks:

Azure Application Insights

This is one more useful extension, which is in preview right now. This extension can be used to gain insights into usage, reliability and performance of your applications as it pulls information right from production servers.

Azure Account

This extension provides you with a facility of single Azure sign-in, where in you can manage all your subscriptions, filter your subscriptions without hoping to browser again and again. You can use Visual Studio Code's command palette to fire up all the essential commands. Here is how it looks:

Azure CLI Tools

If you want to use Azure CLI and didn't install Azure Tools extension, then you can install this standalone extension.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Visual Studio Code extensions for Azure.