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Perform Sentiment Analysis on Email Content & Create Plot - Azure Logic App & Text Analytics [AI]

This article talks about an end-to-end flow, wherein an email content having specific subject line will be read, email body would be analyzed using Azure Cognitive Services (Sentiment analysis), analysis results would be saved in Azure Table Storage and finally chart would be drawn in Excel. All these steps include no coding at all. You can watch out the complete recording of this flow on my YouTube channel named Shweta Lodha.


  1. Thank you so much for uploading such a great topic! It would really helpful to us/me if you post URL for your YouTube videos in your blog or integrate that YouTube video in blog that way, I don't have to back and fourth with your blogs and YouTube as well as, I have to search on YouTube for your content.

    2 things to discuss:
    1. Click counts(should be minimal)
    2. Once User leave your website(Going to YouTube to watch that Video), there are very low possibilities they gonna come back to your blog post.

    Again, Keep up the good work!!

    1. Great pointers. Will take this into consideration. Thanks.


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