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Ways to add dependency packages in .NET core

This would be a very short article on how to add dependencies in .Net Core.

Well, there are many ways to achieve this. One is via Visual Studio and another way is through command prompt. Let’s quickly have a look. 

1) From Visual Studio: 
This is the straight forward way for the ones who want to use user interface to add dependencies. Right click on your project/library and get it from Nuget gallery. 

2) From Command Prompt: 
If you are a command prompt fan, then there itself, you have 2 choices.
A) Open command prompt. Navigate to your project directory and simply fire:

C:\<Your project directory> dotnet add package Microsoft.AspNetCore 

B) Alternative you can go and add the reference directly in .csproj file as shown below:

and restore it from command prompt using very simple command:

C:\<Your project directory> dotnet restore

Happy learning!!!