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Unable to launch IIS Express from Visual Studio

Recently, while working on one of the web project, I came across a situation which ate up my almost an hour. Concern was, my IIS express was not launching automatically on running my web application from Visual Studio 2015. I tried various solutions like,
  • ran the Visual studio as an Administrator,
  • changed the port,
  • disabled the firewall,
  • reset the IISExpress folder.
But no luck :(
Then I thought, let's give a try by deleting the temporary folders which were created by Visual Studio and guess what? That worked for me. 

The culprit was the .vs folder which was the hidden folder in the project's root directory. One of my colleague checked-in that folder by mistake and as I was fetching the code for the first time, it came on my machine. Actual felon was the .suo file which was inside .vs folder. This .suo file contains user specific settings. Hence same user settings didn’t work for me. 

Solution - Deleting .vs folder did the trick :)

Happy troubleshooting !!!