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Windows Phone App Design Principles

Hope most of you might have heard DOUGLAS MARTIN's quote:
         "Questions about whether design is  necessary or affordable are quite beside the point: Design is inevitable. The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design at all."

       "Design is the conscious effort to impose meaningful order"

So, if designing is that much important then one has to be very much stern about it. Going forward, today I am pointing out some design principles for Windows Phone App. So, let's gear up.

  • Clutter free UI - Information should be well organized and user should not get congestion like feel. Make best use of typography
  • Focus should be on content and it should be in a way that it attracts the user's attention from the beginning itself
  • Try to keep only the most pertinent content on the screen because when it comes to WP design, content matters more than a chrome
  • Try to provide seamless UX from dedicated device buttons
  • Tiles should be soulful and alive, in order to achieve the better responsiveness
  • Accentuate more on enhanced touch and gesture information
  • Try to keep the smart screen updated with only the latest and germane information
  • Use proper icon/text to introduce your app
  • Always create UI mockups, before proceeding towards actual implementation
  • Once mockups are ready, never hesitate to do usability testing
  • Provide app uniformity by providing similar meaning to similar images, color, symbols, etc
  • Do spend time in branding your app - it includes logo, color, copyright info, etc.
Hope above tips were useful :)